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How Search Engine Optimisation can help your business ⚙️

If we boil down Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)  – it’s all about words, keywords to be precise.

These keywords are entered in to a search engine (Google, Bing) by a person to help answer a query or a search action that they might need solving. We get to understand your audience to get to know your valuable keywords.

SEO, and technical SEO in-particular, is about delivering on-page optimisation that will increase the structural quality of your website and its visibility to search engines. If technical SEO work is done right, the benefits can be game changing for your business. Benefits include; an increase in valuable web traffic which will lead to more conversions – and  ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. 💰💰💰

What can JTA Digital do for your business?

JTA Digital works with you to create SEO packages that are understandable and achievable. Our marketing strategies incorporate the latest digital, social media and SEO tactics to help your business. Take a look at what we can do below for your business.

Benefits for your business

Our SEO and social media strategies can;

✅ Help you understand and develop customer customer targeting tactics

✅ Increase in relevant, valuable traffic to your website

✅ Enable you to streamline your campaigns for a better return of interest (ROI)

✅ Increase your website conversion rate

✅ Build meaningful relationships with your customers


We’ll work with you to identify areas in which your business can improve, with a focus on taking 🤓 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) actions to achieve your goals.

JTA Digital will also give you the tools and knowledge to continue your SEO and digital marketing strategies for the long term. We can help you with;

🛠️ Understanding the basics of SEO and how to identify new SEO opportunities

🛠️ How social media optimisation works with SEO

🛠️ How to measure SEO and social media campaign success

🛠️ The best way to start blogger outreach

🛠️ How to use blogging and content creation to bolster your SEO campaigns.

🛠️ Link building best practices

🛠️ Best practices of Integrating SEO campaigns

Be an authority

No doubt, your business will be indexed on Google (if not, we’ll sort that out for you), but getting your business ranking on Google is a different matter altogether. To get your business to be seen as an authority to rank we’ll work on getting the technical aspects of your website right.

First, we’ll carry out an SEO Audit and work out which areas of improvement need immediate action as well looking for those quick wins. We’ll look at;

🔎 Indexed page analysis

🔎 Search engine compatibility 

🔎 Content structure

🔎 Meta Tags

🔎 Title/Alt Tags

🔎 Internal Links

🔎 Header Tags

🔎 Geo Location and google local (Google My Business)

🔎 Inbound links and internal linking

🔎 Use of robots text

🔎 Best use of anchor text

🔎 Page names / structure

🔎 IP status check

🔎 Duplicate sites / content

🔎 W3C Validation

Your keywords and phrases are super valuable. What are your ‘money’ terms? What brings you regular, quality traffic? JTA Digital will conduct keyword research and analysis for your business and implement these into your site for best results.

🎯 Page Names

🎯 Anchor Text

🎯 Key word placements

🎯 Meta Tags

🎯 Header Tags

🎯 Title/Alt Tags

🎯 Correct Robots.txt and Google indexing

🎯 Implementation of 301 directs


We can also explore the following;

🕵🏻 Link building

🕵🏻 Directory Submissions

These bullet points are by no means exhaustive, but they will give you a general idea of what we can do/what can be looked at by our team. For some initial advice contact us now.


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