When your problems become strategy

problems become strategy

Recently a friend of mine had a problem on his website. Seeing I was on the top of his list for that week he asked me to check it out and come up with a few solutions for him as to why his site was struggling with low traffic numbers. I duly obliged, as he’s handy to know, and I set to work.

It turned out that my friend had more than just the one problem he identified, he a selection! So, a few weeks later I sat down over a coffee with him and laid out my solutions to fix his website.

At the end of my meeting my friend was blown away. He loved the idea that a problem can form part of a successful strategy – he’d never looked at things in such a simple way before and has adopted this approach with his own business.

Website problems can range from issues such as bad image optimisation, broken links or lack of quality traffic. If you have a problem, and you know about it, then arguably it can become part of successful strategy.

A friend in need

Let’s take my friends biggest website problem as an example; wanting more quality traffic to land on his pages.

With my approach, getting more quality traffic to pages has become a strategy. That’s as simple as the strategy needs to be; ‘getting more quality traffic’.

The detail on how to get there, to achieve your strategy? Well, that becomes tactical.

Translating strategy into tactics

Knowing that we need to ‘acquire more traffic’ you’ll need to explore where your ‘active audience’ is.

By working out the whereabouts of your ‘active audience’ we can start to shape your tactical approach. Our ‘active audience’ are those that have visited the site at some point before and they form a crucial part in the implementation and success of the above strategy.

By finding those active fans, followers and customers your targeted messages will have a deeper impact and better success rate.

It’s OK if you don’t have an active audience

Make one. One of the reasons my friend’s website was suffering with low traffic figures was due to a lack of focus. What he needed was his brand’s expertise to become the main topic of conversation – are there any industry events, award ceremonies or venues you’ll be attending soon? Are you running a competition or give-aways in relation to your brand?

Whatever it is you’re planning on doing re-ignite your audience get them talking about you and your expertise  – focus. Use this opportunity to rubber-stamp your authority in your given niche.

Get on all your active channels now and start talking to your fans, followers. Ask them questions about you, your brand, talk to them. They’ll remember that and that’s when you’ll see your problem thrive as a strategy.

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  1. Britanica Marie says:

    I need to focus on this more myself. I have a decent amount of followers through Twitter, Youtube, and on my blog. I want to be able to have my followers feel like they can really know me like a friend without giving out personal items. I am going to make en effort to ask more and interact more.

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