4 things Leeds based businesses should consider with content marketing

For any small business based in Leeds and the wider Yorkshire area, planning and running a content marketing strategy really requires a clear understanding of what available resources and assets (time and the tools) you have at your disposal, to help execute your plan.

Once you have a clear idea of what you have, it’s then worth looking at how your existing functions already engage with and build relationships with potential partners and consumers.

Understand where to go

Once you know how much time you have to dedicate on content strategy and you know what tools to use it will become easier for you to move onto the next phase of establishing a coherent content marketing strategy. This will give you and your small business a clearer view of the ‘bigger picture’ to allow you to focus efforts on exploiting gaps and opportunities within your niche.


When it comes to content marketing strategy, we here at JTA Digital will always ask “what demographic is most valuable to you?”.

We’d then explore the whereabouts of where your targets hangout online, the type of social media they frequent, their times of activity online and the trends they like to follow. With this sort of targeting you can develop a deeper understanding of your audience. This will prove key later on.

Take a look at this great example below. Yorkshire Pudd really struck a chord with its followers jumping on the back of ‘Yorkshire Day’ with an emotive and inspiring tweet which gained a lot of exposure.

Understand your audience

We would recommend that you focus on the things that seem to matter to them (your audience) and then focus on how they receive and consume that content. At this point it is vitally important to record this as you may discover later on, at great expense, that your specific target audience may not be receptive to content marketing. Don’t channel all your energies on Facebook, if your audience isn’t there.

At first, we recommend that you experiment with different types of content on different platforms. Make sure you keep up with trends and consistently monitor your targets behaviour as this does have a tendency to change dramatically.

To surmise my points:

  • Understand your existing business practices in relation to content creation and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Work out the best Return of Investment practice from the above – test, test, test!
  • Audit the rest, find gaps in your strategy – this will be an ongoing process…
  • Ensure the content is focused towards your core audience -vital, but often overlooked.Establish your position – at what point does your expertise and the consumer’s requirements meet?

So, once you have that information you can move on to asking the next set of questions.

  • Understand the your audience
    • What do they buy?
    • What do they care about?
    • How do they receive their content?
  • Understand the demographic.
    • Create a workable plan
    • Ensure you are able to receive constant comments and feedback.
    • Keep an eye on your results.
    • Adapt and change to keep your finger on the pulse.
    • Schedule work consistently – think about using an editorial calendar?

If you need help with your content marketing strategy please get in touch with us. We understand that small businesses in Leeds and the wider Yorkshire area are busy with other aspects of running a business – let us take some of weight and help you achieve great results.

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